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Tasting Tours: A great wedding gift idea!

Not sure what to get for the couple who has everything? Why not give them the gift of an experience? A fun date of sampling foods, seeing city sights, and even some wine tasting—all for under $100 per person. You can select a date, purchase tickets or a gift card, and receive instant confirmation. Sweet!

Before we go further, we would like to share that this post is not sponsored or paid for, just our honest opinion. We attended a Santa Barbara Tasting Tour on a Friday in January and it was amazing! All of us had been to the city before but we quickly realized there was so much of the city we had never seen. The tour was a great combination of seeing the city-all by foot-and stopping at some exceptional eateries. We say exceptional not only because of the taste but also because of the passionate entrepreneurs who so clearly love what they do. The weather was phenomenal and it was so fun tucking in and out of side streets, wandering through the old Presidio and into unexpected courtyards blending the old with the new to create charming spaces for local vendors, restaurants, wine tasting rooms, and beer gardens. Whatever your eating preferences, you will surely find something to suit your taste since each stop is so unique in type of food served, vibe, and setting. The amount of food sampled at each location was good, and mixed with the walking and sight-seeing breaks, we were not left hungry or overly stuffed. If your friends-or you-like to eat and roam about exploring cool beachside cities then the gift of a Santa Barbara Food Tour is the gift of a day to remember! (This would also be a fun experience for bachelorette & bridal parties.)

Santa Barbara Tasting Tours also offers Tasting Tours in Ventura and Ojai so be sure to visit their website for tickets and times!

Santa Barbara Tasting Tours

Santa Barbara Tasting Tours Website


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