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Wedding Reception Entertainment: Sharing Photos of the Happy Couple

This is a FAST FORWARD sample of a Couple's Photomontage. Enjoy! Give your guests an endearing glance at you and your spouse growing up and then growing together in love with an entertaining photo slideshow. Animated transitions and music bring your photos to life and will captivate your family and friends. Your photos will make your guests laugh and awww in admiration. Photomontages also make a great wedding and anniversary gift for your spouse, or a family member or friend. Photomontages are especially meaningful for family members who have supported you throughout your life, for friends to reflect on the good times you’ve shared, and for your spouse to appreciate the individual they will spend the rest of their life with. They are also a good reflection of the loving relationship you continue to form with your husband or wife.  Make your couple’s photomontage the center of attention with a silver screen debut at your reception, or have it playing on

How and When to Announce Your Engagement

Now that he’s planned all the romantic details of how to propose and has successfully swept you off your feet, your fiancĂ© can breathe a sigh of relief. . . or can he???!? If your parents have never met your future spouse, this can be an extreme source of anxiety. As parents, siblings, and close family are usually the first to hear the news of your engagement, it would be helpful to introduce him into conversations, prompting questions and opportunities to share more about him before bringing him over for a visit. Once you are all familiar, then you can feel reassured of you happy news being received more warmly, instead of it being a complete shock. For brides who have been married before and who have children it is important that your children and ex are informed first. After sharing the news with your parents and immediate family, most etiquette sources suggest calling relatives and close friends who live further away next. They also suggest calling anyone who