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Fun Anniversary Gift Ideas for Men

Ladies, we of course are the greatest gift to our men, but it is still very fun to surprise them with a token of our affection, especially on your anniversary. Some guys like tech gadgets and some like a bottle of Jack, and many just need a new pair of underwear . . . but that is not what we have in mind here at VW. Our three fun gift suggestions are sexy, stylish, or silly. Sexy Be bold and beautiful and get your portrait taken in a Boudoir photo shoot. How you present this gift to him is up to you but I’m positive he would love to see the outfit you were wearing . . . or better yet let him be the photographer! Stylish What could be more stylish than a T-shirt for him proclaiming, “This guy’s got an amazing wife!” Pick up a matching one for yourself to tell the world about your amazing husband! If this is not something you think he would wear, then our next idea is outrageous: matching photo tees with each other’s pictures on front, like in Me, Myself, and Irene!   

Fun Anniversary Gift Ideas for Women

If you stick to the traditional gifts consider a creative presentation. This bracelet available here. Ok, men. Here’s the secret to great gift giving: surprise her. Add an element of the unexpected to the gift, it’s selection, or it’s presentation. Some examples: An unexpected gift Give her your time. On a weekend afternoon in the backyard surprise her with a smoothie (homemade or purchased), a bouquet of flowers, and a manicure by you! Purchase nail polish you think she would like and have a go at it Picasso! When my husband did this for me, I was SHOCKED! I felt so pampered and special and I really appreciated him doing something so unexpected. A great selection Finding the perfect gift doesn’t always mean an endless day of shopping. It involves thoughtfulness. A great idea we came across recently was a gift an hour starting at the hour you were married. You can use a combination of items you create and purchase, for example, frame a photo that she loves and wrap i