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Preparing for a Wedding Rehearsal

It is a good idea to prepare a wedding day schedule in writing to pass out to wedding participants a week or more before the wedding so they can make appointments and you can clear up misunderstandings or concerns (Individual schedules will vary depending on the responsibilities). Make sure to bring a copy with you to the rehearsal in case you need to make adjustments. The schedule should include details like: time and place of pre-wedding gathering, time and place the bride and attendants will dress, time and place of hair and make-up appointments, arrival time for each individual, time and place of portraits, and time and place of the ceremony and reception. Since each wedding is different, more information could be required and the clearer you are- the less room for misunderstandings. Also consider your attendants and discuss travel times, consider asking typically late friends to show up earlier to “help you with _______,” and make sure your vendors and offician

The Importance of Wedding Rehearsals

Ceremony rehearsals are important for all wedding participants. As the bride and groom, this is your last opportunity before your wedding day to clarify your plans and wedding day schedule. For the bridal party and ushers, readers, moms and dads, and others involved it is a good chance to practice and experience what is expected of them during the ceremony: where they need to meet and stand, when they need to come down the aisle, and who they will escort. Everyone will feel more comfortable knowing that they’ve already run through the steps of the ceremony and have eliminated anxiety about travel plans if they are coming from out-of-town. To ensure that your rehearsal is effective and organized, some planning is required. You need to choose someone (not in the bridal party) to run the rehearsal. This could be your officiant, a wedding planner/coordinator, or a person you can count on to keep things on track and direct the focus of your excited family and friends.