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Red Carpet Party

Always a bridesmaid? Well, why not take advantage of all those pretty dresses and throw a red carpet party? Make it an adult only party and get all dressed up! Perfect for anniversary parties, get togethers with friends, and even a bridal party! Get creative with food options, photo ops, guest gifts/prizes, d├ęcor, and more! Check out our favorite Red Carpet Party Ideas below! Click Here For Instructions from HGTV! Enjoy creative cocktails and serve signature drinks created after your favorite celebs or the couple’s fav flavors. Red Velvet flavored wine or champagne in dusted gold glitter flute glasses can be very festive and fitting too! This easy DIY project can add a little sparkle for a little bit of money (supplies: gold glitter, plastic flute glasses, glue). Awesome Cupcakes from Connecticut in Style! On Pinterest, you’re sure to find several options for red carpet inspired food: appetizers,   hors d' oeuvres, and desserts, so Pin away to your heart’s cont

Tips for Brides on a Budget

Being a bride on a budget does not mean your wedding will look cheap or that you will have to skimp. Budgeting is part of being responsible and realistic with your finances and financial picture. No one wants to start off married life being broke or in tremendous debt because of overspending on their wedding day! Once you’ve decided on a reasonable budget for you wedding, stick with it! (Read our blog article “ How to Prepare a Wedding Budget ” for more information.) You will be grateful you did as you avoid unnecessary squabbles, stress, and Bridezilla moments throughout the planning process. Approach planning with an open mind and some idea of your likes and dislikes. This way, when you meet with potential vendors, they will have direction in selecting or creating options for you within your budget. By allowing vendors some creative input, you might be surprised with what they come up with. Inspiration pictures can help, but only when you don’t have your heart set on making