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The Rehearsal Dinner: What to Expect and How to Prepare

Rehearsal dinners are a great opportunity to get your closest friends and relatives together the night before your wedding, and to thank them for participating or taking part in the planning process. You do not need to invite everyone that is coming to the wedding; usually it is just close family, friends, and those you’ve selected for your wedding party.   Rehearsal dinners take place after the wedding rehearsal and are traditionally paid for by the groom’s parents, but may be budgeted into the total wedding cost by the couple. There are no set rules for rehearsal dinners as far as formality, so it is up to the rehearsal dinner planner to decide whether the event be more formal or casual (generally the rehearsal dinner planning is done by the groom’s mother). You could rent a venue, hold the dinner at a restaurant, or at someone’s house.   Traditionally, the couple and the groom’s parents (or host of the rehearsal dinner) give toasts. It is also an opportunity for the bride a

Pumpkin Perfection!

Getting inspired by the spirit of the season? Well it is the perfect season to fall in love!(Get it?!) We’ve taken the time to share our top three pumpkin projects for fall weddings. Enjoy! Left:, Center:, Right: 1) Delightful Decor Pumpkins are inexpensive and in season for Fall weddings. They are also very versatile when it comes to decor because they come in so many shapes and sizes. You can choose to stack pumpkins for taller centerpieces or to make an arrangements that includes flowers, candles and pumpkins. Or hollow out the inside of the pumpkins and use them for a vase! Another cool idea we saw was drilling holes in pumpkins (instead of scarry faces!) and use them to illuminate a path. We love the image above where pumpkins are being pumpkins, setting on hay bales just like at the pumpkin patch! Very country, very cute, and full of fond memories of the season. Dress them up or dress them as they come, pumpkins