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Create Your Own Wedding Website!

Computers, Smart Phones, and tablets have all made staying organized a lot easier. And organization is important when you’ve got a wedding to plan! Why not make things easier on you and your guests by putting all your wedding information in one place: your own wedding website. Website design has become super easy, so easy you could have your own site up and running in a day. Website builders like Weebly offer free sites with easy to understand how-to videos and intuitive design tools. Their support forums are excellent and will usually answer your question within 24 hours. They have templates for wedding sites you can edit by clicking on titles and images and replacing them with your own. So simple. Plus they’re beautiful and contain all the information you want to share like your wedding date, location, and time; your rehearsal dinner information, gift registry links, your email and contact information, engagement photos, and any other creative element you’d like to ad

Wedding Tips: Maid of Honor's Responsibilities

WooHooo! You’ve been asked to be your best friend’s honor attendant! You’ve accepted this duty in all the excitement of receiving the news but you have no idea what’s next. Never fear, we’re here to help fill you in on the responsibilities of this special role. Some specific duties of a Maid or Matron of Honor include helping the bride choose the bridemaids’ dresses and making sure each bridesmaid has one, organizing the selection and purchase of the bridesmaids gift to the bride, and offering assistance through all the preparations. The Honor attendant could offer to help go on errands for the bride, go shopping with the bride, help address invitations or make calls, and host or organize a pre-wedding wedding party with the help of all the bridesmaids. During the ceremony, the Maid of Honor holds the bride’s bouquet and the groom’s ring and will sign the marriage certificate as a witness. At the reception, the Maid of Honor should always be available to help