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A memorable wedding gift

My best friend is getting married in December and moving to start married life with her husband in AUSTRALIA! (Oh so far away!) While I’ll definitely miss her I do wish them both the best and wanted to make sure I picked out a very special truly unique gift and not a blender. I came across some old VHS videos of us in the past and decided to have them transferred to DVD for an early wedding present. I was also able to work in some current videos of us from my iphone, and a very special heartfelt video message to them both at the end. It was so beautiful and meaningful for everyone who saw it. Her mom is planning on getting their old home movies transferred too, so my friend can have her family close even though she’s far away. I got this idea from attending a wedding where the couple showed a photo slideshow of themselves growing up, meeting each other, dating, and then getting engaged. I absolutely loved it! Plus showing it at the reception was a gr

The all-important diamond wedding ring: what you need to know to get it right

Terms you should know We found a concise explanation of words to know when picking out a diamond ring, the most important being the “cut”: “The cut refers to the number, placement, and shape of the ‘facets’ (flat, polished planes) that create a finished diamond. The shape into which the stone is cut determines its brilliance (white light reflection or sparkle), and fire (reflection of rainbow colors). A good cut can release a stone’s beauty, just as a bad one makes a stone dull. The next aspect to consider is the clarity, which is how clear the diamond is. The imperfections on the outside are called blemishes and the ones on the inside are called inclusions.” 1   A “carat” is the unit of measure for the weight of a diamond. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams. Consider Her Style Buying the biggest, shiniest ring just wont cut it! You want to select a ring that reflects your bride’s personality and unique style. Look at the jewelry she likes to wear (not the hideous jewe