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Spring Wedding Inspiration

Spring flowers in monochrome are our inspiration this season! Purple hues are soft, feminine, and flattering against all skin tones. And while limiting the color palette is a bit unexpected for the spring when sooo many flowers are in bloom, it adds a touch of sophistication or even a sweet simple minimalism for a refreshing spring style. Take a look at our selections and let us know what you think in the comments below. Our Inspiration! From Left to Right: Colewort , Freesias , Pincushion Flower  Flowers The following florals are the jumping off point for our inspiration. A simple wispy bouquet can be made combining some or all of these fantastic florals. The Pincushion flower is our favorite, and in our humble opinion can stand on it’s own in a simple-ly beautiful bouquet. Soft and lacy petals top off long sturdy stems making them hardy cut flowers that are hard to resist. If you long for a fuller bouquet, fill in space with the mini-white Colewort flower, or to add a su

Spring Fling—Fun Spring Inspired Wedding Favors

Spring is usually considered the height of the wedding season, so if you’re a lucky blushing spring bride we’ve got some fun Spring-inspired wedding favor ideas for your guests! Find image and DIY tutorial here! Seed Bombs What is spring without the flowers? This fun wedding favor is suitable for even the laziest gardening guest at your wedding. Just throw the seed bomb in some dirt and wait for it to grow. . . pretty soon viola pretty spring blooms! Of course a little water and sunlight would help! ;) Plus the seed bombs are easy to make-some clay, some soil, and some seeds molded into spheres using your hands, let dry, and then wrapped in some pretty square of fabric. So sweet! Speaking of sweet, the rest of our wedding favor selections are centered around your guest’s tummies. Who doesn’t like a gift they can eat right? Thoughtful and practical, edible favors are a favorite here at VW.   Seasonal foods formed the basis of our wedding favor selections below. Love this