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Green Environmentally Friendly Weddings

Image Found Here:  If you’re an eco-friendly guy and gal pair with a heart for the environment, why not express and share your values with friends and family on your wedding day? You can have a stylish wedding that is kind to our planet and a sustainable future with a few great suggestions on how to plan a green wedding. We consulted a magazine article by Here Comes the Guide and an online article by Better Homes and Gardens for our inspiration, but there are also dozens of great green wedding ideas on Pintrest and the like, so have fun. A common thread of eco-mindfulness can be carried through your wedding from start to finish. Start by selecting invitations printed on recycled paper and cut down on the amount of paper you use by sending postcards for your potential guests to respond with. Here Comes the Guide also suggests using a soy-based ink for printing if possible

Unplugged Weddings: Did you know guest photography can ruin your wedding photos?

Custom signs for your unplugged wedding for $20 at this ETSY store . We found this image at :  Have you ever heard of UNPLUGGED WEDDINGS? Unplugged weddings encourage guests to put down their phones and mobile devices in order for them to be fully immersed in sharing the moment with family and friends instead of watching it from behind their tiny screens. Unplugged weddings are beneficial for your guests, you, and the professionals you hire to capture your wedding day on film. Flashes and guest photography can be particularly detrimental to your professional photographs and video. Professional photographs of important moments can be ruined by flashes that wash out a photograph, making it too bright to even see the bride in her white dress. In addition, they can leave large shadows in the backgrounds of your photos making the scene look badly lit and awkward. Another function of some cam