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Airbrush Makeup for Your Wedding Day

Makeup and hair are two concerns many brides address by hiring a professional. If you decide to try airbrush makeup on your wedding day, make sure your makeup artist/stylist has had training and experience. Ask to see a portfolio of their work or see if they can provide a sample service for you as practice before your big day. Airbrush makeup professional, Laura of La di Da Makeup Artistry, recommends silicone-based waterproof airbrush makeup for brides because it looks natural, will not rub off on clothing, and “wont go anywhere until you wash it off.” Airbrush makeup is applied in a fine mist with a spray gun attached to an air compressor. Color can be mixed to match your skin tone and because of the way it is applied, it will not clog pores or have a “caked on” appearance. It gives a soft, flawless look to skin and lasts for hours in contrast to conventional makeup that can require several touchups due to sweat, rubbing off, and tears. Harrington of Here Comes the Guide m

How to keep your wedding guest list in check

Two important things to remember: 1) The wedding day is about you and your future spouse, and 2) It is impossible to make everyone happy all the time so don’t let other people’s expectations stress you out or stretch your budget. Begin planning your guest list early so you have enough time to consider everyone you’d like to invite. Encourage the love of your life to make a separate list of people he or she would like to invite. If so inclined, you could accommodate your future mother-in-law or other VIP by accepting a list of guests they are recommending, ranked by order of importance. Be sure to inform them that while their list will be carefully considered, not everyone on the list will be invited. Having a specific vision for your wedding from the get-go can help you when it comes to narrowing down your proposed guest list. Do you want to have an intimate wedding with your closest family and friends or do you want a grand soiree? Will your budget accommodate a grand soiree