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Practicing for your Wedding Dance

You’ve said your “I do’s” now it’s time to get down and party! Oh yeah! Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable for all the right reasons. Celebrate the beginning of your new married life with laughs, fun, and a full dance floor. Having a great a DJ has a lot to do with keeping folks entertained and out on the dance floor. But what about the stars of the show? Need to brush up on your dancing skills? Does your husband even have dancing skills ? The early you find out the better. You both want to be comfortable dancing and celebrating with your guests on your special night. For all those couples blessed with naturally smooth moves, you may just want to practice dancing to the song you choose for your first dance. It is a good idea to keep the song short (2-3 minutes)—you may have to make a cut in the song, make sure your DJ has the same version of the song you practice to, and remember to smile and keep things light—no one will know if you make a mistake if you improvi

Wedding and Anniversary Gift Idea: Custom Photobooks

From personal experience, the most exciting gift to give and receive from your spouse is a yearly photobook containing all the memories you’ve shared as a couple. is a great service that will allow you to upload your photos from your computer or Facebook, Instagram and most other photo sharing programs available online. Templates are available for you to use and customize, or you can start completely from scratch and decide on everything from backgrounds to borders and “clipart” (called ‘Stickers” on Mixbook). Once you’re done creating, you order your book and they ship it to you. There are so many options as far as size, shape, and hard or soft covers. I am always impressed with the quality and we both enjoy looking back on the years and love notes we write at the end of each book. A very romantic and meaningful gift indeed. New from Mixbook: create a guestbook complete with photos of the couple for wedding guests to record their thoughts and love