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DIY Sweetheart Table Décor

Check out these awesome DIY projects and give them a try, both cost us under $20 and would look awesome at your sweetheart table!  Mr. & Mrs. Signs, Total Cost=$4 Oh so sweet & simple to make too! We found a package of three new wood picture frames at a second hand store for $3, used tacks we already had, purchased a spool of ribbon for $1 at the Dollar Tree, and printed out the Mr. and Mrs. on our computer for FREE. In addition to these materials, you will need a pencil and scissors to cut out the signs and a hammer to help tap in the tacks. Here are the steps: 1)  Remove the glass from the wood frame and turn it face down on a hard surface (place a towel between the frame and surface to protect it). 2)  Cut two lengths of ribbon to the desired length keeping in mind you will be tying a bow. 3)  Use a tack to secure one end of each ribbon piece to the back of the wood frame (near the top two corners). Use a hammer to tap the tacks in gently. 4)  Go onl

Date Idea Alert! A Trip Down Memory Lane

Relaxing at Santa Barbara City College I quite honestly dreaded bring my boyfriend (now husband) home to meet my parents. Sure enough, my mother went into the tale of my birth and broke out the dusty baby book and volumes of childhood photos she’d amassed over the years. Surprisingly, my husband remarked how much he enjoyed learning more about me, and how his love had increased after seeing me in a different light . . . AWW right? So skip, skip, skip. . . Introducing a great new date idea (that has nothing to do with your mother!): a trip down memory lane! Select a few points of interest from your life before you met your sweetheart. Think of milestones: your first job, graduation, etc. and places you frequented: favorite hangout spot, favorite get away, etc. Plan your date around visiting these places—it doesn’t have to be anything super fancy or rehearsed. I took my hubby to my college campus. Turned out there was an art show in the library (I was an art maj