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DIY Sweetheart Table Décor

Check out these awesome DIY projects and give them a try, both cost us under $20 and would look awesome at your sweetheart table! 

Mr. & Mrs. Signs, Total Cost=$4
Oh so sweet & simple to make too! We found a package of three new wood picture frames at a second hand store for $3, used tacks we already had, purchased a spool of ribbon for $1 at the Dollar Tree, and printed out the Mr. and Mrs. on our computer for FREE. In addition to these materials, you will need a pencil and scissors to cut out the signs and a hammer to help tap in the tacks. Here are the steps:

1)  Remove the glass from the wood frame and turn it face down on a hard surface (place a towel between the frame and surface to protect it).
2)  Cut two lengths of ribbon to the desired length keeping in mind you will be tying a bow.
3)  Use a tack to secure one end of each ribbon piece to the back of the wood frame (near the top two corners). Use a hammer to tap the tacks in gently.
4)  Go online and search for a free MR. & MRS. printable or make your own in Microsoft Word. Resize it as necessary to fit the frames you’ve selected, and print. A heavier cardstock paper works nice.
5)  Once you think you’ve got the size right, place the paper face up on a table and use the glass from the frame to center it. Trace around the glass using a pencil and then cut out your print.
6)  Place your print inside the frame and secure the backing of the frame. (It is best to leave out the glass, especially if you will be tying it to the Bride and Groom’s chairs or using it as a photo booth prop, etc.
7)  Tie the bow and hang your signs!

Mr. and Mrs. Champagne Glasses, Total Cost=$10
We bought two champagne glasses at the Dollar Tree store. We purchased a fine-tipped glass-marking pen at Michael’s craft store for $8. In addition to these items, you will need a pencil and a piece of paper. Here are the steps:

1)  Place your champagne glasses on top of a piece of paper. Trace around the bottom of each champagne glass.
2)  Leaving some space from the edge, use the pencil to write Mr. inside one circle and Mrs. inside the other. Keep in mind, the pen-tip size and make your text larger to accommodate this. Our writing ended up being between ¼” and ½” tall.
3)  Place the champagne glass on top of the circle. Shake up the pen and prime it on a separate piece of paper if necessary. (Make sure it writes without getting blobby before using it.) Use your writing under the glass as a guide for the glass marker. Take your time and trace carefully.

4)  Let the writing dry completely before handling the glasses.

Additional items: the gift box was $3 and the paper stuffing was $1 per bag.


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