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Wedding Cake Trends and Inspiration for the New Year, 2015!

Speaking for all of us here at VW: WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE CAKE!!!!! So safe to say, we had a delightful time researching this sweet topic for you. While it’s fun to be in on the trends, with cake it’s personal and there are absolutely no rules! So for your enjoyment and as a source of inspiration we offer the latest trends and comebacks for wedding cakes in 2015. found on: At VW, our favorite wedding cake trend for 2015 is texture! Our sources agree that feminine touches are always in, and this year ruffles reign supreme. You can go all out with an all-over ruffle cake, or mix up the look with mixed-textured tiers. Very classy and beautiful. found on: made by:  A close second favorite trend is metallics. Elegant gold and silver cakes are simply stunning. Go for a pearly sheen or shimmer mixed

Share your wedding online!

This is a great option for couples with family members who live too far away to attend the wedding, couples with a limited guest list, or couples that elope but still want to share their memories. Sharing your wedding online is a convenient and quick way to spread the news and let everyone in on the details of your special day. With such wonderful advances in technology and a little know how, sharing your wedding online might be easier than you think! The most common materials needed to share your wedding online are a camera (you can use your iphone or tablet), an internet connection, and access a video sharing service (there are several free and low-cost options out there). If it gets too overwhelming, you could always ask your tech savvy friend for help or have your professional videographer do it for you. Option A: Stream your event LIVE! How exciting to have friends and family that are unable to attend gathered around their computers or mobile devices watching you exchan