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4 Super Simple DIY Wedding Décor Projects with a Beach Theme

These four inexpensive projects can add a lot of glam and pop to any party scene. Use them as inspiration with your own color scheme and elaborate as much as you like to fit your theme or style. Ribbon Chair Decor-- Image Found Here Project 1 Cut some strands of satin ribbon and tie them to the back of guests’ chairs. In this image they chose only to do the back row of chairs at a fun beach ceremony. I bet they were oh so pretty blowing in the breeze! You could cut them all the same length or in multiple lengths. You could tie more ribbons for a fuller look, use less, or tuck flowers into the knot. Get your friends to help out or suggest this idea to your wedding coordinator. On we found 50 yards of 2” Satin Ribbon for only $5.50! You may need to buy more than one depending on the number of chairs and your vision for the finished product. Silver Dollar Seating-- Image found here Project 2: Order sand dollars in bulk for this playful beach-themed sea

Experience Ventura: Fun date ideas in the charming beach city

Image Credit We love supporting local business and organizations at Ventura Wedding, so here’s some ideas for a fun date to experience all that the city of Ventura has to offer. For our adventurous couples who like to take it all in, we suggest a foot and bicycle tour of this charming beach city. Pick a sunny weekend (they are plentiful in Ventura) and head for the Ventura State Beach Picnic and Camping area at 911 San Pedro St, Ventura, CA 93001 ($10 to park all day) with a couple of cold beers or a chilled bottle of wine and enjoy a seafood lunch at the Jolly Oyster (Open Friday-Sunday 11am-7pm). A laid back Ventura beach atmosphere awaits you at the Shuck Shack picnic area with plenty of benches and umbrellas to share some fresh oysters (cooked food is also available, or you could always grill your own!), great conversation, and special time with your sweetheart. A Wheel Fun Bike Rental kiosk is located on site with another one located a nice walking distance down the bike