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DIY Wedding Photo Booth

Having a photo booth at your wedding is a great way to entertain your guests and put them to work as memory makers on your special day. While professional photography is nice, it doesn’t always capture your family and friends being themselves. When they set the terms for the photo, they will likely be their goofy, crazy, silly, possibly inebriated self! And who doesn’t want that moment caught on film! At VW, we’ve done some searching for tips and advice on building your own photo booth. The Essentials: Camera, tripod or selfie stick, backdrop, friends! The Extras: Props and prop table, portable photo printers, empty albums & glue sticks, pens The Details: Your photo booth set up can be as elaborate or as simple as you’d like it to be. At, you will find lots of photos of couples in front of their homemade photo backdrops. Consider how much time & money you want to invest in the creation of your backdrop, where it will be placed at your rec

The Hottest Wedding Trend for 2016 and EVER!

It’s no big secret and it’s not new, nothing’s hotter than you being you! SMILES! Ok, don’t be annoyed at this cliché until you’ve tried it! Especially if you are someone who has always looked to trends and other people, magazines, and girlfriends to help you determine your style. Go ahead and ask your future husband why he’s marrying you. . . he’s going to say “because he loves YOU !” So instead of looking at the wedding industry trends while planning a day that celebrates you, stick to your style, your tastes, and what you like. Trust us, you’ll be much happier, more comfortable and more confident and there is nothing sexier than that! If you have trouble channeling your inner self so that it shows on the outer you, we’ve got some suggestions for you. Of course, you can always hire a planner to assist you in making decisions or offering suggestions on things you might like. The Setting: Not Any Ole Place Will Do When selecting a location for your wedding make it person