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Affordable and Easy Wedding Photo Books

Visit their website to find out more! Click Here! We just came across this great new photo book service called “ Chatbooks ” in one of our favorite blogs. It is a virtually effortless way to get photos from your social media accounts printed in a professionally bound archival book that is shipped directly to you. Literally all you have to do is download the Chatbooks app (from the Apple App Store, Google Play, or Web App), create an account, and choose your picture source (Facebook, Instagram, or the Favorites folder in your phone). You can subscribe to receive books in a series (when your book reaches 60 pages, you will receive an email and can move photos around, hide captions, rearrange, etc. or just leave it as is and they will print it and mail it to you), or you can create a custom book (for your wedding, bachelorette party, etc.) to commemorate a specific event. You can invite your friends or family to collaborate on a book with you so they can add photos they took as wel

Awesome Spring Blooms and Bouquets 2016

Hooray for Spring! What a wonderful time to be in love! When the world is bursting with new life, bounty, and beauty. . . it’s hard not to get caught up in it all. Here at VW, we’ve been busy browsing some lovely spring blossoms to inspire you. Enjoy!   Simple & elegant arrangements of Forsythia.  Check it out! Simply Beautiful: Forsythia Forsythia’s bright yellow blooms are sure to bring some springtime joy to your wedding d├ęcor. They grow on large shrubs making it possible to get some nice height for table centerpieces and the like. They could adapt to any style and look very elegant even on their own. Play with the type of vase they are arranged in to give the impression you like. Add more volume to make your arrangement more full and impressive or keep it simple for a minimal, sleek look.   Gorgeous! Our favorite bouquet Spring 2016! Find it here.     Big and Bold: Protea       These flower blossoms(pictured above-center of bouquet) can reach 12 inche