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How to choose a caterer for your wedding

Potato Nests with sour cream and smoked salmon Found here: Your wedding is a very special celebration and every great celebration involves food. Carefully selecting your wedding caterer is a thoughtful way to show your appreciation for your guests and make a lasting impression. In addition, the food and drink served at your wedding is one of your largest expenses, and you want to be sure that what you are paying for meets your expectations. To help you decide which caterer is best suited for your budget, tastes, and style we’ve put together some tips from professional wedding and event caterers. When To Begin Your Search You should have a firm date set for your wedding and begin your search for a caterer about nine months before the date, according to professional caterers at Kalm Kitchen. It is also extremely helpful to have a budget in mind as well as how many people you think will atte

Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Image Credit: Why is it important to thank the best dudes in your life for participating in your wedding day? Most importantly, they’ve stuck by your side and had your back through it all and it’s a great time to say thank you. Second, the groomsmen traditionally plan and finance your bachelor party and make other investments of time and finances to be a part of the wedding, like renting or buying a suit and shoes for the day and buying gifts for the groom. And third, no guy dreams of being a groomsmen or relishes the thought of spending a beautiful day trapped in a suit. With that said, how do you go about choosing an appropriate gift to express your gratitude? Carolyn Gerin of Here Comes the Guide suggests, “When giving thanks, show that you mean it with gifts you yourself would love to get and use. Better yet, purchase an item you know the attendant would buy for himself as a special treat.” She also cautions, “[…] giving inappropriate or cheap gifts (ju