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DIY Wedding Invitations

Image from: Your wedding invitations are the first glimpse of your wedding your guests will see so why not make them special? Handmade invites are memorable simply because they are one-of-a-kind, produced with the colors and materials, fonts, and paper you’ve carefully selected. They can be as elaborate or as simple as you choose, just keep in mind the size of your guest list. We’ve chosen a few simple, affordable designs that you can embellish with all kinds of craft materials, the only limit is your imagination! At VW, we love the use of Fonts as art. Mix and match fonts to create beautiful inserts with all the important wedding date information and choose a fancier envelope to dress it up. You can find a lot of free fonts to download at or choose from the free wedding fonts here . We found Petal Card Invitations (great for your font a

How To Keep Kids Entertained at Your Wedding

Image of kids place setting is from: Whether to include children as wedding guests or participants is a personal decision for each bride to make. Several factors such as the time and formality of the event can help you make your decision, along with your personal preference. If you want your wedding to go exactly as planned with no surprises and no unexpected interruptions it is probably best to exclude children from your guest list. If your wedding is a very formal evening event, then it is very possible that little ones would not be used to the attire or missing their bedtime. Guests with children may even decide they would rather hire a babysitter so they can enjoy (instead of dread!) your invitation. In short, your decision should ensure the most positive experience for you and your guests. If you decide to include children in yo