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Tips for an Enjoyable Bridal Fair Experience

Bridal fairs are a great way to meet vendors in your area and to pick up great advice and ideas for your wedding day in one convenient location. Here are some tips to make your experience more enjoyable while finding the products and services you need. Make Lists To ensure you don’t miss out on your top priorities, experts suggest making a list of the specific services or products you are shopping for and visit those booths first. Have a list of questions ready for the vendors you are interested in. What to Bring A bag on wheels! You will likely be picking up brochures, magazines, business cards, etc. so make sure you will be comfortable toting them around for a few hours. Address labels. These are handy when registering for prize drawings that a lot of vendors offer at bridal fairs. You may also use them to request more information from specific vendors you are interested in. Pen and paper. Jot down helpful advice, notes,