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Seven Affordable and Awesome Beauty Products

At VW we are huge fans of saving money and of quality products that make life more enjoyable. So we’ve hand selected some of our favorite beauty products to share with you. Hopefully the results and the price tags will bring a smile to your face! Witch Hazel 16oz for $3.59 at Target Extracted from plants, this natural astringent is marketed to soothe and relieve minor skin irritations. Several online sites claim witch hazel also helps with oily acne-prone skin, but our favorite use for it is to tame the red irritation and bumps on sensitive underarms and bikini area after shaving. You can buy cleansing pads or just moisten a cotton ball and gently apply it after you step out of the shower. We use it over the course of a week in our beauty regimen when preparing for a special event like a wedding(sleeveless dress anyone?) or for a summer beach or pool party.     Baby Powder  9oz for $2.99 at Target  After years and years and years of searching for a deodorant that wor