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Wedding Hors d’oeuvres: Suggestions on What to Serve at Your Special Event

Planning an enjoyable meal is as fun for some people as planning what to wear to a special occasion or party. Since food is such a big part of entertaining, it makes sense to spend some time thinking about such details as the time of year (seasonal cuisine), and how food can reflect the mood and even the personality of the bride and groom when making menu choices. Still not sure what to serve at your wedding? Maybe these suggestions will help inspire you . . . 1) Location inspiration. I recently attended a wedding at a local ranch that was known for its lemon orchards. The wedding was held in July so it was a very warm summer day. Nothing tasted better to me than a glass of refreshing strawberry lemonade under the stars. The lemonade was served in a glass with a cute striped straw. There was a decorated refreshment table with a huge mason jar dispenser containing floating slices of strawberry and fresh lemon. So summer in the county chic! Check out this yummy raspberry waterme

Incorporating Recycled Materials into Your Wedding Decor

Give your wedding decor a classic touch with these DIY projects made from recycled materials. We've included pictures of "hidden treasures" as examples of the recycled materials you could start each project with. Use your imagination to transform them any way you like! A trip to the local thrift store can often yield hidden treasures you can transform into stunning wedding centerpieces that are truly one-of-a-kind. Whether you’re an eco-minded gal or just looking for some stylish custom pieces to spice up your wedding décor, we hope you find some inspiration here. Image from Pintrest, originally Found on     Project 1 Vintage furniture can add a touch of classic beauty to your wedding. For example, turn an old writing desk into a fancy guest sign-in table just by sanding down the old finish and adding a new coat of paint. Match the color to your chosen wedding palette or your personality. Or just leave it the way it is, timeless and well-loved