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Wedding Trends that Wont Get Old

  Smaller Guest Lists Let love sweep you off your feet, not a room full of people to greet! After months (or maybe even years!) of planning, you will be surprised at how quickly your wedding day flies by. At the end of it all you will likely feel exhausted. . . and hungry! One way to truly savor the day is to spend it with the people you love the most. So don’t extend an invitation to anyone you feel obligated to or someone who you worry might be offended if left out, or any distant relative you don’t speak to on a regular basis. A smaller guest list will eliminate stress and allow you to spend more time and money entertaining those closest to you. Your wedding day will feel more intimate and warm surrounded by the people who share in your everyday happiness. Live Bands/Entertainment One more trend we love is live entertainment. This doesn’t mean you have to do away with the DJ--an experienced MC can be a great asset to assist with your event schedule,

Tasting Tours: A great wedding gift idea!

Not sure what to get for the couple who has everything? Why not give them the gift of an experience? A fun date of sampling foods, seeing city sights, and even some wine tasting—all for under $100 per person. You can select a date, purchase tickets or a gift card, and receive instant confirmation. Sweet! Before we go further, we would like to share that this post is not sponsored or paid for, just our honest opinion. We attended a Santa Barbara Tasting Tour on a Friday in January and it was amazing! All of us had been to the city before but we quickly realized there was so much of the city we had never seen. The tour was a great combination of seeing the city-all by foot-and stopping at some exceptional eateries. We say exceptional not only because of the taste but also because of the passionate entrepreneurs who so clearly love what they do. The weather was phenomenal and it was so fun tucking in and out of side streets, wandering through the old Presidio a

Spring 2020 Wedding Inspiration

Oh yeah! A new year full of new plans for the beginning of your lives together! For our soon-to-be Mrs.’ we’ve put together our picks for a Spring 2020 wedding. Tan, Teal, Yellow, and Dark Purple Our color palette for Spring 2020 includes teal, tan, bright yellow, and very dark purple. Incorporate all four of these or just a few to complement your own personal taste and style and your Spring wedding is sure to be lovely. Teal Ribbon Our favorite spring flower is the bold and delicate tulip! Droopy and swoony and distinctly unique, the tulip is perfectly suited for a bouquet. Just yellow tulips tied with a teal satin ribbon. Simply elegant!   These beautiful naked cupcakes incorporate our palette color of yellow and dark purple with the blue berries. Lemon cake or yellow cake is a favorite of many so your guests are sure to enjoy. We love the simplicity and natural look of these tasty treats. Have fun with the arrangement and display o