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Evening Wedding Inspiration: Event Lighting

If you’re considering a night time wedding ceremony or just want some evening wedding inspiration read on! We’ve narrowed this design inspiration down to the most important element to consider for night time events: lighting. Believe it or not, lighting does more than just make it possible for you to see in the dark! It can create a mood:intimate, serene, grand; be part of the design:color and pattern, centerpiece, spotlights; and create and define space.      Creating a mood with lighting does take some thought, though most wedding venues already have the lights set up in the most useful and flattering position for their building, room, gardens or grounds. Make sure to specify your requests, for dimmer lighting and a romantic feel or for a specific color lighting. This way you will find out what is already available and consider whether or not you need to hire additional event lighting or just add personal touches such as candleabras, lanterns, or twinkle string lights. Consi

Evening Wedding Ceremonies

Check out Evening Weddings at Mill Rose Inn in Half Moon Bay, CA for Evening Wedding Inspiration!  Evening weddings are a wonderful option to consider especially in warm summer months where the heat can leave guests wishing they were poolside instead of sweaty and sunburnt at a wedding. Been there, done that! In addition to the cooler temperature you and your guests will appreciate the additional time to get dressed and prepared for the wedding. You wont have to wake up in the wee hours of the morning for hair and makeup or worry about rushing around to get everything done before a noon or afternoon wedding start. You also wont have to worry about your makeup melting off your face in the heat or trying to keep cool in your beatiful dress! Your future husband and his buddies will likely appreciate it too as coats and formal wear can get quite warm. Speaking of attire, it is traditionally expected that evening events are more formal and don’t typically include small children.