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Tips for Backyard Weddings

Image found HERE plus more DIY projects for home & garden. Planning a backyard wedding can be very meaningful but it also requires a lot of planning and prep. Before you start planning, make sure the space is big enough for your guest list and check on restrictions if there is a HOA for example. Also, make sure you have a budget in mind and reliable people to assist and delegate tasks to with one person in charge to make decisions if you are not available. If it all seems overwhelming and you have some cash to spare, hiring a planner or coordinator may be a huge relief. Planning This is most likely going to be the most intense part of the backyard wedding process. Thinking of all that needs to come together from start to finish can appear overwhelming so be sure to give yourself enough time and surround yourself with a reliable team of friends or a professional planner. It helps to picture what your guests would experience on the day of your wedding when starting the

Simple & Sweet Wedding Ideas

Image Source HERE. Check out this great blog article for more inspiration and tips!  There is no way around it, weddings can and usually are quite an expense. When it comes to planning a budget, it may help to remember that honoring your guests and each other is most important and therefore where most of your budget should be allotted (food, venue, video and photos). Things such as décor, flowers, invitations and stationary, and favors can be done on a smaller budget and provide a simple yet elegant touch to your wedding day. Check out these ideas for some sweet and simple wedding inspiration: Image Source. A Great DIY project! Find more HERE. Table Settings Go au natural and center your table décor around affordable plants and flowers. A  cardstock  name card with a single sprig of rosemary stacked atop a napkin on a dinner plate is a very simple touch yet elegant and fresh. Make or buy a long flower box and fill it with affordable succulents or flowers. If you le