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A Great Wedding Guide for Guys and Gals

At VW, we’ve done a fair bit of research on every aspect of the wedding event industry. Occasionally we come across extremely helpful resources we love to share because they do such a great job of offering information and useful tips in planning weddings for the bride and groom, bridal party, even professional wedding planners and coordinators. Lisa Helmanis’s book, Get Married Without a Hitch: Planning the Perfect Wedding While Keeping Your Budget, Emotions, and Relatives from Spiraling Out of Control, is easy to read and each chapter contains “brilliant ideas” that are practical but thoughtful insights   to assist in decision making and budget taming. Navigate through the book easily using the Table of Contents; the chapter titles are quirky but underneath each is a brief explanation of what you can expect to find there. Another aspect we love is the presentation of ideas in bold in all the margins. An idea may present an aspect you haven’t considered when sending out invita

Couple's Love Story Video

Are you looking for an element of excitement to add to your wedding day? A custom Couple’s Love Story Video will entertain your guests and share all the unique stories of how you met, what the proposal was like, and your plans for the future. It is a great opportunity to show off your playful side and is a charming addition to any wedding. Video production companies, like Euro Star Productions in Ventura, can shoot and edit you and your future spouse retelling all the special moments that lead you to each other. Here is a sample love story video , as well as footage from a love story wedding day debut.  How do I get a custom Love Story video you ask? Contact a video production company or wedding video company and ask if they offer such a service. A Google search for “Couple’s Love Story” and other related terms could provide samples of videos you like for the video’s producer to base yours on and may provide company contact information. Be sure to communicate with them to en