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Creative Wedding Gift That’s Practically FREE!

Why not give yourself a wedding gift that keeps on giving? Here’s how: on each guest dining table place a homemade or purchased anniversary card. Write the table number on the envelope. During your reception, have your DJ ask your guests to fill out a personal message in the card to be opened by you and your spouse on your anniversary day. The table number your guests are sitting at will determine on what anniversary you will open the card. For example, you will open table 11’s card on your 11 th Anniversary. Precious! What a sweet and super simple touch to add to your wedding day memories. By the time you’ve read all the cards, you will have heard from every single one of your wedding guests. All the most important people in your lives will come to mind, whether living or passed on. A truly timeless gift worth every penny!

Best Man's Responsibilities

It’s the biggest day of your best friend’s life so don’t this mess this up! While being his best friend all these years has been easy, there are some things that will be expected of you. It is true: With great honor comes great responsibility. Before the wedding you are in charge of planning the bachelor party usually a few days to a week before the wedding. Be sure to ask the groom what would work best for him when setting the date. You should choose the location and activities, invite people, keep track of who is coming and possibly where they will stay afterwards, and handle splitting the cost of the party amongst the groomsmen. You are kind of like the captain of the groomsmen team and want to make sure they show up and are on time for certain activities on and before the wedding day such as getting fitted for tuxes or suits (you may have to pay for your own suits), go to the wedding rehearsal (arrive on time), and get to the rehearsal dinner. You wont be needed much in