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Our Fall Wedding Color Inspiration is Here!

Ok, ladies and gentlemen, here they are in no particular order: Pearl, Ochre, Manatee, and Yale Blue. Browse for your favorite colors here to create your own palette!
Image Source
Image Source
Ochre is a stunning color that truly stands out from the rest of the complimentary colors we’ve selected for the season. Imagine our happy surprise then to discover this stunning ochre wedding dress(above)! Oh so bold and all too lovely! Daring enough to try this dress out? If not, go for a more traditional look in an off-white “natural pearl” color with a soft bolero for a stylish, stand out, understated but elegant look. Go for a gorgeous heel in a matching ochre or find a shoe to fit your taste in any of the other accent colors we’ve selected.
Ochre Heels and Craspedia Bouquets

Bridesmaid Dress Image Source
For your bridesmaids select something similar to this tailored “manatee” grey full-length gown. And don’t for one second believe that grey is drab! The style and cut of this dress is elegant and put-together and will look gorgeous offset by the ochre color of their Craspedia bouquets! These cute-as-a-button flowers are part of the daisy family and are sometimes called “billy buttons or wollyheads, anyway we adore them. Check out these playful Fall boutonnieres to match the ladies’ bouquets! In addition to looking great against the grey, these lovely flowers will also look most handsome upon the lapels of bright “Yale blue” or navy blue suit coats.

Craspedia Boutonniers and Blue Men's Suit
With such stand out colors, cuts, and styles, you might choose to make jewelry selections that are more subtle, perhaps incorporating pearl or other natural material such as amber, opal or tanzanite. But of course, we would be the first to tell you there’s no such thing as too much sparkle or bling so shine on you stylish brides and grooms!   


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